laryngeal saccule

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1. a little bag, sac, or pouch.
2. the smaller of the two divisions of the membranous labyrinth, which communicates with the cochlear duct by way of the ductus reuniens.
laryngeal saccule sacculus laryngis.
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laryngeal saccule

a small diverticulum provided with mucous glands extending upward from the ventricle of the larynx between the vestibular fold and the lamina of the thyroid cartilage; it is a vestigial structure, being a much larger structure interdigitating with the neck musculature in some of the great apes, where it serves as a resonating chamber.
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la·ryn·ge·al sac·cule

(lă-rinjē-ăl sakyūl) [TA]
Small diverticulum provided with mucous glands extending upward from ventricle of larynx between vestibular fold and lamina of thyroid cartilage.
Synonym(s): saccule of larynx.
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(4) It is variously known as the sacculus laryngis, appendix ventriculi laryngis, laryngeal pouch, or Hilton's sac.