fibrous appendix of liver

(redirected from appendix fibrosa hepatis)

fi·brous ap·pen·dix of liv·er

a fibrous process, into which the tip of the left lobe of the liver may taper out, that passes with the left triangular ligament to be attached to the diaphragm.
Synonym(s): appendix fibrosa hepatis [TA]
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The liver left lobe was mobilized by dissecting the left triangular ligament (appendix fibrosa hepatis) to release the cardioesophageal junction and stomach fundus.
With this idea, we recommend ligating this region if the left triangular ligament (appendix fibrosa hepatis) is dissected in surgery.
KEYWORDS : Liver; Appendix fibrosa hepatis; Biometry.
The left triangular ligament of the liver and the structures in its free edge (appendix fibrosa hepatis) in chinese and canadian cadavers.