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Speaking of the draw stroke, since the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and since the appendix carry draw comes from close to your centerline it produces an inherently faster draw stroke.
2: Shows distention of proximal bowel due to obstruction by appendix
The myriad appearances of the appendix can make diagnosis of acute appendicitis challenging.
Type A: Single caecum with one normally localised appendix exhibiting partial duplication.
The first authentic study of the position of appendix was conducted by Gladstone and Wakeley11,12 in I924, who studied 3000 anatomic dissections.
Parker says that his study shows two major problems with Darwin's idea of the appendix being a "biological remnant".
B2: In addition to a normal appendix arising from the caecum at the usual site, there is also a second, usually rudimentary, appendix arising from caecum along the lines of the taenia at a varying distance from the first.
The prevention messages in Appendix F stress how stimulant use leads to loss of control (sleeplessness, paranoia, hallucinations), as well as how easy it is to get addicted.
Appendix A--Lesson plans for field sanitation training course
Cameron Randles didn't know his appendix had ruptured.
Appendix A deals with the cross-examination of a DUI arresting officer and field sobriety tests, whereas Appendix B covers the cross-examination of a psychiatrist in a murder case.
Appendix A covers sampling plan standards and lists methods and attributes to be used within a plan.