appendicitis pain

appendicitis pain

Etymology: L, appendere, to hang upon, poena, penalty
severe general abdominal pain that develops rapidly and usually becomes localized in the lower right abdominal quadrant. It is accompanied by extreme tenderness over the right rectus abdominis muscle with rebound pain at McBurney's point. Occasionally, the pain is on the left side.

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Q. how can i differentiate between normal stomach ache and an Appendicitis? I've been having a strange sharp pain in my stomach lately and a friend of mine told me it could be Appendicitis.

A. When you have Appendicitis, there should be a sharp pain on the right lower Abdomen. but you mustn't forget that Appendicitis is an inflammation. which means you'll have a fever some time in the near future, and it always get worse. not like other Abdominal pains. you'll vomit probably. i had my Appendix removed 2 years ago. don't worry, it's not too bad ;).

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The occasional worker hit by appendicitis pain or pneumonia who, if she lives in one of the city's outlying islands, gets helicoptered to a main government hospital and can think of it all later with gratitude.
Appendicitis pain typically gets worse over the next 12 to 24 hours and as the appendix becomes more inflamed, the pain may then move over to the lower right hand side of the belly.
This type of intermittent cramping pain is unlike appendicitis pain, which is constant in nature and localized to the right lower part of the abdomen.