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appellant (əpel´ənt),

n the party who, dissatisfied with the disposition of a case on the trial level, appeals to a higher court.
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In response to other questions of Mahmood Ahmad Qazi and Jalil Ur Rehman, Junaid Jabbar Khan and Rabia ,Justice Hafiz Tariq quoting the Supreme Court judgement said that such personal grievances of deceased appellants like absorption and repatriation, in such cases, the legal heirs can not become party.
The judge concluded: "In our view, the penalty was appropriate - or, indeed, lenient - in the circumstances and the appellant has no legitimate complaint concerning its size.
The appellant court added that Smart did not exhaust all remedies before the NTC.
The result has been that the appellant files an appeal with the superior court, and at the same time files an appeal with the ZBA.
In 2005, after the appellant had given a firm assurance to the police that the family dispute was resolved, the certificate was returned.
The appellant is what is described in all three decisions as 'a pathological gambler.
We have always been confident all through the first-instance trial procedures, and we remain confident for the appellant trial," the lawyer said.
The accused, Firoz, had sexually assaulted the 28-year-old victim four months ago, was jailed for 16 years, the Appellant Court Head, Mohammad Rahim Karimi, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
No threats were issued to the police or the public - rather the appellant repeatedly said that it was he who wanted to die.
The court also adjourned the case of appellant Abdulla Mohammed Habib who was given a seven-year imprisonment sentence over charges of attempting to murder a number of police officers and taking part in illegal protests for terrorist ends.
Costs awards can be made against a local planning authority, an appellant (the person making the appeal) and, rarely, even third parties.
This article suggests that an appellant may respond to a conflict PCA by moving the appellate court for a written opinion, rehearing, or rehearing en banc.