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In health care accounting, denotes a request from a physician or clerical worker in a health care facility for a third-party payer to reconsider a decision about a disallowed claim for compensation.
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It might, however, sometimes happen, that appeals would be made under circumstances less adverse to the executive and judiciary departments.
It appears in this, that occasional appeals to the people would be neither a proper nor an effectual provision for that purpose.
The legislature of the United States would certainly have full power to provide, that in appeals to the Supreme Court there should be no re-examination of facts where they had been tried in the original causes by juries.
If the result, so far, fails to satisfy us in that particular, we shall not hesitate to appeal to a Court of Law.
He asked leave to appeal to Geoffrey to confirm him.
The marriage which they deny I am now waiting to prove--not by assertion, on my side, but by appeal to competent witnesses.
But he found himself encompassed with guards and forced to remain silent while the Chief Circle in a few impassioned words made a final appeal to the Women, exclaiming that, if the Colour Bill passed, no marriage would henceforth be safe, no woman's honour secure; fraud, deception, hypocrisy would pervade every household; domestic bliss would share the fate of the Constitution and pass to speedy perdition.
The judgment of the Court of Appeal, which was affirmed by the apex court on Friday, had held that Metuh's appeals failed to comply with constitutional requirement.
6) Direct appeal proponents argued that the system of appeals by right from the bankruptcy court to the district court and then to the relevant court of appeals was inefficient for two reasons.
2006-44, the Service formally established the Appeals Arbitration Program (AAP), under which the IRS and the taxpayer agree to have a third party make a decision about a factual issue that will be binding on both of them.
By focusing on the large properties, such as manufacturing plants, investment real estate and large leased assets, our senior tax negotiators are able to spend much more time researching and documenting appeal arguments that affect the majority of our customers' taxes," Wolff explains.