apparent viscosity

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ap·par·ent vis·cos·i·ty

the viscosity calculated from the Poiseuille law at any particular flow and tube diameter; it is used for suspensions, such as blood, that exhibit anomalous viscosity and the Fahraeus-Lindqvist effect.
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Firmness, apparent viscosity, WHC, and syneresis from yoghurts produced utilizing milk from three different species (sheep, cow, and goat) are presented in table 5.
where [[eta].sub.a] (Pa s) apparent viscosity at a given shear rate, [[eta].sub.0] (Pa s) zero-shear viscosity, Ea (J/gmol) activation energy of flow, R (J/gmol K) constant of gases,T (K) absolute temperature, a (-), b (K), c (K2), [a.sub.1] (-) and [a.sub.2] (L/g) are constant and C (g/L) concentration of total solids.
A best-fit ([R.sup.2] = 0.98) semiempirical expression for apparent viscosity was determined with the inline rheometer based on measured pressure drop which assumes the validity of the linear correlation observed by Bond.
Suspensions of water contents below 40 vol.% presented high levels of apparent viscosity ([eta], Figure 6) due to two mains effects.
The power law model (see (1)) was used to predict the variation of apparent viscosity with shear rate of tomato fiber suspensions.
The apparent viscosity, shear stress, and shear rate of the slurry fluid with different cation exchange capacities are calculated according to the data obtained from the viscometer and Equations (3)-(5) [39,40], and shear rate obtained is the average value to improve the accuracy:
For evaluating the rheological performance of the prepared paste samples, a Brookfield R/S+ Rheometer was employed to test the shear stress and apparent viscosity at various temperatures.
Gibilaro, "Apparent viscosity measurements in a homogeneous gas-fluidized bed," Chemical Engineering Science, vol.
5 that in the case of non-Newtonian oil flow in plane-radial cracks with opening increasing the limiting yield stress and apparent viscosity of oil are decreased up to certain crack value.
Table 3 shows the apparent viscosity of the various solutions, according to the Tukey's test, statistically significant differences are found for each material and concentration.
Apparent viscosity (AV), plastic viscosity (PV) and yield point (YP) Unit of: PV in centipoises (CP), AV in centipoises (CP) and YP in 1b/100 [ft.sup.2] [36].