apparent viscosity

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ap·par·ent vis·cos·i·ty

the viscosity calculated from the Poiseuille law at any particular flow and tube diameter; it is used for suspensions, such as blood, that exhibit anomalous viscosity and the Fahraeus-Lindqvist effect.
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Where nap, n, K, ^ and H are the apparent viscosity, actual viscosity, double layer thickness and factor depending upon the nature of dispersion medium and its conductance and H is given below.
The binders were characterized by apparent viscosity test, penetration test, and softening point (ring and ball test).
Effects of hydrocolloids on apparent viscosity of batters and quality of chicken nuggets.
The limiting yield stress is equal to zero but apparent viscosity remains constant during water motion in plane radial crack at openness values of 30 and 35 pm, at 303 and 293 K temperatures, respectively, in both the first and second experiments series (Figs.
Effects of fat content and temperature on the apparent viscosity of coconut milk.
All suspensions exhibit a rapid increase of apparent viscosity, if solid concentration is raised from 30 to 35 wt%.
Capable of transferring liquids with very high apparent viscosity up to 50,000 cps at 20degC, even if containing suspended solids, the pumps feature self-priming dry capacity, fine tuning of speed without pressure loss, and possibility of dry operation without damage.
The influence of temperature and shear rate on apparent viscosity of cornstarch adhesives was also investigated.
Under static conditions, a hard wax is formed, but if the crude is cooled while in motion, the apparent viscosity will increase but the materials remain fluid.