pelvic tilt

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1. to tip away from an upright position.
2. a condition of being tilted.
pelvic tilt an anteroposterior motion of the pelvis around an imaginary axis in the frontal plane.
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pel·vic tilt

(pel'vik tilt)
An exercise that strengthens abdominal muscles, relieves backache, and improves posture. The back is pressed to a firm, flat surface (wall or floor), flattening the spine. This can be done in supine, sitting, or standing positions. The pelvic tilt is the most commonly recommended prenatal exercise for back pain.
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Physical examination revealed marked limitation of motion with some pelvic obliquity, a positive bilateral Trendelenberg test, mild gluteal asymmetry, apparent limb length discrepancy, severe crepitation during hip flexion, and painful hip in long time standing and walking.