pelvic tilt

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1. to tip away from an upright position.
2. a condition of being tilted.
pelvic tilt an anteroposterior motion of the pelvis around an imaginary axis in the frontal plane.

pelvic tilt

one of the five major kinematic determinants of gait that lowers the pelvis on the side of the swinging lower limb during the walking cycle. Through the action of the hip joint the pelvis tilts laterally downward, adducting the lower limb in the stance phase of gait and abducting the opposite extremity in the swing phase of gait. The knee joint of the non-weight-bearing limb flexes during its swing phase to allow the pelvic tilt. Pelvic tilt helps minimize the vertical displacement of the body's center of gravity, thus conserving energy during walking. It is often a factor in the diagnosis and treatment of various orthopedic diseases, deformities, and abnormal conditions and in the analysis and correction of pathological gaits. Compare knee-ankle interaction, knee-hip flexion, lateral pelvic displacement, pelvic rotation.

pel·vic tilt

(pel'vik tilt)
An exercise that strengthens abdominal muscles, relieves backache, and improves posture. The back is pressed to a firm, flat surface (wall or floor), flattening the spine. This can be done in supine, sitting, or standing positions. The pelvic tilt is the most commonly recommended prenatal exercise for back pain.

pelvic tilt,

n rotation of the pelvis around either a horizontal or vertical axis. The former cases would be forward or backward tilt, whereas the latter would tilt to the left or right side.
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Pelvic tilt.
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Physical examination revealed marked limitation of motion with some pelvic obliquity, a positive bilateral Trendelenberg test, mild gluteal asymmetry, apparent limb length discrepancy, severe crepitation during hip flexion, and painful hip in long time standing and walking.

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