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, apophyseal (ap'ō-fiz'ē-ăl), Avoid the mispronunciation apophysi'al
Relating to or resembling an apophysis.
Synonym(s): apophysary
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(a-pof'i-sis) (a-pof'i-sez?) plural.apophyses [Gr. apophysis, offshoot]
A projection, esp. from a bone; an outgrowth without an independent center of ossification. apophysealapophysial (a-pof?i-se'al), adjective

basilar apophysis

The basilar process of the occipital bone.

apophysis of Ingrassia

See: Ingrassia's apophysis

lenticular apophysis

The lenticular process of the incus, which articulates with the stapes.

apophysis raviana

The anterior process of the malleus.

temporal apophysis

The mastoid process of the temporal bone.
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