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Relating to an aponeurosis.


Relating to an aponeurosis.


(ap?o-noo-ro'sis) plural.aponeuroses [ apo- + neurosis]
A flat, fibrous sheet of connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone or other tissues; may sometimes serve as a fascia. aponeurotic (-rot'ik), adjective

epicranial aponeurosis

The fibrous membrane connecting the occipital and frontal muscles over the top of the skull. Synonym: galea aponeurotica

lingual aponeurosis

Connective tissue sheet of the tongue to which lingual muscles attach.

palatine aponeurosis

Connective tissue sheet of the soft palate to which palatal muscles attach.

pharyngeal aponeurosis

The sheet of connective tissue lying between the mucosal and muscular layers of the pharyngeal wall. Synonym: pharyngobasilar fascia

plantar aponeurosis

The sheet of connective tissue investing the muscles of the sole of the foot. Synonym: plantar fascia
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1, 2, 3: FCM) is the most medial muscle in the caudal part of the thigh and arises partly aponeurotic from the ventral edge of the distal third of the ischium, caudal to the origin of M.
Moskovich R, Intratendinous aponeurotic fibroma: J Hand Surg 1988 July: 13 (4):563-566
10) Giant cell tumors of tendon sheath and calcifying aponeurotic fibromas are easily diagnosed through histologic evaluation.
The major biochemical features of Dupuytren tissue are an increase of total collagen, increase in relative content of type III collagen and proteoglycans compared with normal palmar fascia,[1-5] lysyl overmodification of type I collagen, an increase of the fibronectin content,[6] and reduced cross-linking of the tissue in comparison with normal aponeurotic tissue.
Sampling was performed from the variably affected areas of the aponeurotic fascia within the same patients.
Compression can occur between the two heads of the pronator teres muscle, between pronator teres and the flexor digitorum sublimus muscles and from an aponeurotic band of fibrous tissue extending from the biceps tendon to the forearm fascia.
The calcifying aponeurotic fibroma[7] has a predilection for the distal extremities; the cartilaginous component is microscopic and embedded within a fibromatosis-like background.