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Relating to an aponeurosis.


Relating to an aponeurosis.


(ap?o-noo-ro'sis) plural.aponeuroses [ apo- + neurosis]
A flat, fibrous sheet of connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone or other tissues; may sometimes serve as a fascia. aponeurotic (-rot'ik), adjective

epicranial aponeurosis

The fibrous membrane connecting the occipital and frontal muscles over the top of the skull. Synonym: galea aponeurotica

lingual aponeurosis

Connective tissue sheet of the tongue to which lingual muscles attach.

palatine aponeurosis

Connective tissue sheet of the soft palate to which palatal muscles attach.

pharyngeal aponeurosis

The sheet of connective tissue lying between the mucosal and muscular layers of the pharyngeal wall. Synonym: pharyngobasilar fascia

plantar aponeurosis

The sheet of connective tissue investing the muscles of the sole of the foot. Synonym: plantar fascia
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Basic details of the aponeurotic complex of the didelphid manus were obtained by dissecting the following specimens: Caluromys derbianus AMNH 170646, 48190; Chironectes minimus AMNH 97335, 169949; Didelphis albiventris CML 3173, 3174, 4119, 4221, 5971; Cryptonanus chacoensis CML w/n, 5910, 5915, 5916, 5918, 5920, 5921, 5926; Lutreolina crassicaudata CML 4114, 4115, 4116, 4117, 6701; Marmosa robinsoni AMNH 10290, 149501, 244887, 257208; Marmosops fuscatus AMNH 144871, 234952, 234954; Metachirus nudicaudatus AMNH 2027, 2143, 263127, 263133; Micoureus constantiae CML 5688; Monodelphis dimidiata CML 4118, 4120; Philander opossum AMNH 137158, 190447, 202705; Thylamys venustus CML 4148, 5586; T.
The use of polyglactin 910 and a good closure technique proved to be of the utmost importance in the prevention of incisional hernia, in spite of the fact that neither of the internal aponeurotic sheath nor the peritoneum was sutured.
The remaining 12 had developed ptosis due to aponeurotic disinsertion, post-cataract extraction or post glaucoma surgery (secondary aponeurotic disinsertion).
Mean length of suture used to close the abdominal aponeurotic sheath in interrupted-X group was 105.
It differs from other fibrous conditions such as fibromatosis, juvenile aponeurotic fibroma, subepidermal nodular fibrosis, and dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans.
aponeurotic, neurogenic, myogenic, and mechanical).
There has been a case reported of intratendinous aponeurotic fibroma within the substance of the flexor pollicus longus by Moskovich.
It arises from: i) the margins of the obturator foramen, ii) pubic and ischial rami, and iii) the external surface of the obturator membrane, the tendinous aponeurotic arch which completes the obturator canal.
Purulent exudate was seen from the flexor tendon sheath at the level of the distal phalanx down to the palmar aponeurotic pulley.
Epithelioid sarcoma was first characterized as a distinct clinicopathologic entity by Enzinger in 1970 (1) after being described as aponeurotic sarcoma in 1961 by Laskowski (2) and as large-cell sarcoma of the tendon shealth in 1968 by Bliss and Reed.
The SM originates from the iliac anterior edge through a tendon arch, running at the surface, in the medial side of the thigh, being inserted over the superior third of the tibia, being involved by a aponeurotic sheath, linked to the gracilis and semitendinous muscles; the GM originates, in its main portion, in the inferior (lower) part of the pubis, merged to the short adductor muscle, and fixed in the antero-medial side of the tibia.