apnea test

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apnea test

A test used to determine whether a comatose person receiving life support has suffered brain death.

Patient care

The patient's ventilator is set to deliver no breaths per minute, and the carbon dioxide level of the blood is allowed to rise 20 mmg Hg to a level that is at least above 60 mm Hg. If apnea (no spontaneous breathing) occurs, brain death is confirmed. The test should not be performed if the person has recently received sedative, narcotic, or paralytic drugs; those drugs may suppress spontaneous breathing, falsely suggesting brain death.

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We believe that a significant number of the Special Needs population being serviced by UCI will require an initial home sleep apnea test with a significant number of the population being tested requiring long-term sleep apnea treatment.
Results: The current hospital policy lacked two important components of any BD policy: (a) the apnea test techniques and (b) guidance regarding secondary confirmatory testing.
The available literature has shown that a diagnosis of BD has discrepancies, variability, limitations, and pitfalls among clinicians, specifically related to guideline adherence regarding evaluation of brainstem function and the apnea test as well as the indications and options for secondary confirmatory testing (Greer et al.
Finally, in what's called the apnea test, the ventilator is disconnected to see if you can breathe unassisted.
The doctor said the final test done before the boy was declared brain dead, an apnea test, had doctors remove the ventilator helping Nathaniel breathe.
Taking the DOT physical sleep apnea test is easy; the person merely wears it overnight and then returns it in a prepaid shipping box.
The apnea test is intended to determine the patient's ability/inability to breathe unaided.
Journalists & physicians attending the Medical Innovation Summit are invited to have a complimentary overnight WatchPAT sleep apnea test November 1 or 2 in the privacy of their hotel room.
d/b/a BioPatch Systems ("Telzuit") announced today that Taylor Madison has filed for a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for an innovative Wireless Home Sleep Apnea Test.
The declaration of death was made based on clinical observations and an apnea test, which measures a person's ability to breath without mechanical support, in accordance with Colorado State Law 12-36-136.
Fisher notes that no serial apnea tests have been performed.
New Law Protects Truck Drivers from Costly and Unnecessary Sleep Apnea Tests