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Terminated abruptly by a small point.
[L. apiculus, a tip or point]
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Ascosproes olivebrown, lemon-shaped, 8-12 x 6-9 [micro]m apiculate at both ends.
Achenes 1.3-2.5 mm long, ovoid to globose, with obtuse, apiculate apex, irregularly transversely tuberculate and papillate, sometimes the papillae near the base elongate and spinulose; hypogynium narrow, somewhat trigonous, with 6 finely puberulent globose tubercles in distinct pairs.
Calliergonella cuspidata is easily distinguished from other related or similar taxa by the stem with hyalodermis, oblong-ovate leaves, usually obtuse-rounded and apiculate apex, costa short and double, and alar cells inflated and hyaline, forming a well delimited group.
This species is recognized by branches with bromeliad-like prophylls, calyx with apiculate lobes, nectariferous disk inconspicuous and ovary papillate.
Lamina of larger leaves 16-26 cm long, 11-16 cm wide, broadly elliptical, broadly cuneate at base, rounded and apiculate or shallowly retuse at apex, adaxially glabrate at maturity except persistently loosely sericeous on midrib, abaxially densely and persistently appressed-tomentose with the hairs sessile or short-stalked and the crosspiece ca.
Dorsal lobe of stem leaf distinctly recurved, apex mucronate or apiculate, perianth abruptly narrowed to a long-cylindrical beak ...
Basidiospores 15.0-18.0 x 11.0-12.5 um, avl x avw = 16.8-11.6 um, Q= 1.36-1.44, avQ= 1.41; apiculate,moderately thick walled, smooth, broadly ellipsoid to lemon shaped, proximal and distal poles taper, middle broad, black 5% KOH, inamyloid, yellow in Melzer's reagent.
Sepals Oblong, apex obtuse or Narrowly apiculate, 2,5-3 cm obovate, broadly long acute; 2,4 cm long Petals Dark violet violet Stamens Inserted Exserted Tillandsia Tillandsia propagulifera platyphylla Plant size 3 m 1-1,6 m Leaf size length 60-65 cm 80 cm Sheath width 6,5 cm 15 cm Scales Cinereous Whitish Inflorescence Lax, 2-3 pinnate, Dense, 3 pinnate, flowers secund, flowers secund, spreading.
The glume beak is awned, and the shoulder is elevated to apiculate. Kernels are elliptical, with a narrow, mid-deep crease, rounded beak, and mid-sized brush.
Native yeasts such as Hansenula ano-mala and Kloeckera apiculate produce an abundance of ethyl acetate.
Anthers mostly not apiculate. Ovary always with 3 styles.