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Plural of apex.
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Plural of apex.
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(ā′peks″) (ā′pĭ-sēz″) plural.apexesplural.apices [L. apex, tip]
The pointed extremity of a conical structure.

apex of the heart

The tip of the left ventricle, opposite the base of the heart. The apex of the heart moves considerably with each heartbeat, and the point of maximal impulse (PMI) can be felt on the chest wall above the apex.

apex of the lung

The superior, subclavicular portion of the lung.

root apex

The end of the root of a tooth. The anatomical landmark in the apical region is the apical foramen.
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Even though this was smaller than those of the TI, it suggests that some of the T11 apices in elevated [CO.sub.2] grown plants may have survived to develop into a spike.
In conclusion, our research indicates that elevated [CO.sub.2] affected wheat apex development, with apices of later formed tillers responding more to elevated [CO.sub.2] than those of earlier-formed tillers.
Growth of excised embryo shoot apices of wheat in vitro.