apical process

ap·i·cal pro·cess

the dendritic process extending from the apex of a pyramidal cell of the cerebral cortex toward the surface.
Synonym(s): apical dendrite
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114); aedeagal shaft much shorter than preatrium and lacking asymmetrical apical process (Fig.
Widens (Weirauch, 2007), based on the form of the median apical process of the endosoma.
Distiphallus (Figs 11, 12) is an intricate structure: it has a large ventral process, which bears a digitiform ventral process; both apical process and ventral edge above the ventral process serrate.
In longitudinal sections of the apical processes, the microvilli are arranged at right angles to the long axis of each apical process (Plate 3-20, 3-21).
The genus is characterized by the presence of a distinct apical process on the embolic division of the male pedipalp.
Abdomen sparse grayish pruinosity, without a median band; surstylus with a small triangular apical process; pregonites and postgonites consisting of 2 pairs of asymmetrical subuliform processes; phallus consisting of a V-shaped dorsal sclerite with a small acute apical process and indistinct membranous part (Shi et al.
Dorsal part of gonostylus with protruding apical process somewhat bent mesad and a sub-basal short internal hump-like lobe bearing apical setae.
6A); left paramere with apical process with ventral surface distinctly toothed basally (Fig.
Hypandrium distinctly longer than wide, with subtriangular apical process.
11, 12) elongate; apical process relatively convergent apically in ventral aspect; internal sac elongate.
9-10) slightly bulbous at base, elongate, apical process of median lobe short and not bifid, flagellum well sclerotized and developed, moderate in length and curved subapically; paramere (Fig.
18): Tarsal claws with enlarged apical process, 1 basoexternal seta, and 1 internal, preapical seta (Fig.