apical area

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ap·i·cal ar·e·a

the area surrounding the root end of a tooth.
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ap·i·cal a·re·a

(api-kăl arē-ă)
Area surrounding root end of a tooth.
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In 64 cases selected from the database, the most commonly observed position of the MF was apical area of second premolar and straight pattern of emergence was found in most of the cases.
Additionally, the study revealed that the percentage void volume in the apical area of both materials was less compared to the coronal and middle levels of the root canal system.
15H; G, See annex), without gonostilar arm, internal margin and apical area of gosnostylus covered with simple, long and very abundant hairs (P), external surface covered with small hairs (Fig.
The distance of the MC to the apical area in male patients was (M = 4.76 mm [+ or -] 1.14) and in female patients was (M = 6.38 mm [+ or -] 1.80).
Hind femur on ventral margins with four internal and seven external spinules in apical area; hind knees bi-spinose.
The immediate post-operative radiographs showed empty, radiolucent space around apical area (Fig.
'Crown down' and 'step back' techniques are two methods in root canal preparation based on direction of instrumentation; the former starts from the coronal part of the canal towards the apical area where as the latter is in the reverse direction.
Cerci condensed, especially in apical area with a tapering basal and a digitiform apical area, apex insensitive.
During her ECG examination, a distinct hypertrophy in the apical area (apical thickness 18mm) and a mild pulmonary stenosis were observed.