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An analytical relation (6) is obtained for a refined calculation determination of the value of the integral of action [J.sub.ak] of the SC current [i.sub.k](t) (Joule integral [B.sub.k]) in the power circuits of the electrical equipment under study, which allows for given amplitudes [] of the steady-state SC current, duration (switching off time) of the SC process [t.sub.kC], time constant of the decay [T.sub.a] of aperiodic component of the SC current [i.sub.k(t)] and oscillation period [T.sub.p]=20 ms of the periodic component of emergency SC current to relatively easy find required for the calculation selection of the permissible cross sections [] of the current-carrying parts of the considered CCP the value of the integral [J.sub.ak].
After compensation for both periodic and aperiodic error, the measurement error of the sensor fluctuates around zero, which indicates that the dynamic measurement accuracy of the sensor is greatly improved.
Thus, measurements of periodicity have a potential difficulty in discriminating breathy voice from other types of aperiodic phonation, such as creaky voice (see Blankenship, "The Time Course of Breathiness").
(i) [I.sub.1] and [I.sub.3] interactions are the corresponding ones to probes immersed in crystalline zircon ([I.sub.1]) that coexist with aperiodic zircon ([I.sub.3]).
At a = 0.04 mm, a sudden change appears in bifurcation diagram, aperiodic amplitude jumping vibrations occur on the time response of wave generator, and power spectrum becomes continuous.
These two tasks may be aperiodic or sporadic in nature depending on the patient health condition.
However, (Hippolite 2012) showed that in the case of aperiodic cleaning of the incubators increase the possibility of the bacterial growth.
Keywords: pseudovariety, profinite semigroup, profinite topology, topological closure, unary implicit signature, pure implicit signature, rational language, aperiodic semigroup, Burnside pseudovariety, factorial pseudovariety, full pseudovariety, Pin-Reutenauer procedure
As compared to periodic ones, aperiodic reflectarrays can reach a wide variety of equivalent amplitude tapers [22-27] and higher performance [24, 25-27] thanks to the larger number of involved degrees of freedom (including the positions of all the reflectarray elements).
As a frame synchronization signals are often used long length binary sequence with good aperiodic autocorrelation function [2].