apallic state

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a·pal·lic state

1. diffuse, bilateral cerebral cortical degeneration caused by head injury, anoxia, or encephalitis;
See also: vegetative.
2. a state of persistent unresponsiveness, such as akinetic mutism, caused by brain damage.
See also: vegetative.
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According to the Mirror, although Schumacher is currently stable, doctors fear that due to Schumacher's severe brain damage, he may suffer from apallic syndrome, or persistent vegetative state, which happens when a patient with severe brain damage is in a state of partial arousal rather than true awareness.
An Austrian news website said the German F1 legend may suffer apallic syndrome - or persistent vegetative state.
Guidelines for quality management of apallic syndrome/vegetative state.
The patient with AIE from near hanging presented apallic and severely anoxic with a Glasgow coma score of 3.
APALLIC syndrome is sometimes called persistent vegetative state, which is longterm unconsciousness or coma caused by serious brain damage.
1984), diencephalic seizures (Bullard, 1987), autonomic dysfunction syndrome (Rossitich & Bullard, 1988), traumatic apallic syndrome (Hackl et al.