aortico-left ventricular tunnel

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a·or·ti·co-·left ven·tric·u·lar tun·nel

congenital connection between the aorta above exit of coronary arteries and the left ventricle.
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aortoventricular tunnel

A rare (circa 0.25% of congenital heart malformations) “congenital extracardiac channel that connects the ascending aorta above the sinutubular junction to the cavity of the left (or, less commonly, right) ventricle, which may be accompanied by defects of the proximal coronary arteries or aortic or pulmonary valves” (R McKay, 2005). While patients with small channels may present with asymptomatic heart murmurs and cardiac enlargement, most suffer heart failure in the first year of life.
Diagnosis Echocardiography.
Management Prompt surgical repair.
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