left lumbar lymph nodes

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left lum·bar lymph nodes

the chain of lymph nodes associated with the aorta in the abdomen; it is divided into three groups: lateral aortic lymph nodes on the left of the aorta; preaortic lymph nodes in front of the aorta; and postaortic lymph nodes, behind the aorta.
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All pelvic and abdominal aortic lymph nodes were normal.
(Y/N/Other) Q6 How do you assess para 40.0 (80%) aortic lymph nodes? Q7 If you do not routinely 33.0 (66%) perform frozen section examination of all lymph nodes, please explain why
None of the 6 para aortic lymph nodes showed evidence of tumor metastasis.
Perioperative data were extracted from electronic patient records and included patient age and body mass index (BMI), total operating time, (total console time, aortic lymphadenectomy console time, docking time, and table rotation time), number of aortic lymph nodes removed, additional procedures, and intraoperative and postoperative complications.
They metastasize late to mesenteric and pre and para aortic lymph nodes. Metastasis to liver, lungs and bones generally occur in late stages.