aortic incompetence

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1. inability to function properly.
2. the legal status of a person determined by the court to be unable to manage his own affairs.
aortic incompetence aortic insufficiency.
mitral incompetence mitral insufficiency.
pulmonary incompetence pulmonary insufficiency.
tricuspid incompetence tricuspid insufficiency.
valvular incompetence valvular insufficiency.
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a·or·tic in·com·pe·tence

defective closure of the aortic valve permitting regurgitation into the left ventricle during diastole.
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, incompetency (in?kom'pet-ens) (in?kom'pet-en-se) [L. incompetens insufficient]
Inadequate ability to perform the function or action normal to an organ or part.

aortic incompetence

Aortic insufficiency.

cervical incompetence

Structural inability of the cervical os to remain closed and support a growing fetus. This problem has commonly been associated with recurrent spontaneous second-trimester abortions. A higher incidence of this structural abnormality is noted after cervical trauma, e.g., previous vaginal or cesarean births, cervical laceration, conization of the cervix. It also has been reported among daughters whose mothers were treated with diethylstilbestrol (DES) during their pregnancies. Traditionally, cerclage has been used for treatment even though controlled trials of its effectiveness have not been uniformly successful.
See: cerclage; Shirodkar operation

chronotropic incompetence

An inappropriate response of the heart rate to stimulation, e.g., a slow heart rate during an exercise stress test.

ileocecal incompetence

Inability of the ileocecal valve to stop the return of the feces from the colon to the ileum.

mental incompetence

Legal disqualification to execute a contract or perform normal activities and tasks.

muscular incompetence

Imperfect closure of one of the atrioventricular valves due to weak action of papillary muscles.

pyloric incompetence

A weakness of the pyloric sphincter, which permits undigested food to leave the stomach and enter the duodenum.

relative incompetence

Excessive dilatation of a cardiac cavity, rendering it impossible for the cardiac valves leading in and out of the chamber to close perfectly.

valvular incompetence

Backward flow of blood through a valve, e.g., a cardiac valve during the stage of the cardiac cycle when the valve leaflets should be closed.
Synonym: valvular insufficiency

velopharyngeal incompetence

Velopharygeal insufficiency.

venous incompetence

Inability of a vein to prevent the backward flow of blood because of valve diseases or complications of deep venous thrombosis.
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aortic incompetence

Leakiness of the aortic valve of the heart, with regurgitation of blood through the closed valve.
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