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The most significant variable in the prediction of infant sleep was also the mother's anxiety state during the first days after the childbirth (p = .
In terms of psychological testing (STAI), both follicular-and luteal-phase groups showed decreased scores for anxiety state after saffron stimulus, indicating improved anxiety state after smelling saffron regardless of menstrual phase.
Our results suggest that the use of the Polar monitor in a supine position in the swimmers' pre-competitive routine, and after correcting the data, provides a HRV analysis in a valid, useful, non- invasive and inexpensive way to evaluate the pre-competitive anxiety state.
In another study in which the relationship between anxiety state of the candidates who would enter special talent exam for school of physical education and sports and several factors, it was found that such factors as being male, 19 or lower, entering the exam for the first time and thinking their exam preparation performance was not sufficient increased anxiety level (Lok, ince, Lok, 2008).
In the other hand, in the best of our knowledge, there is a gape in the literature and there is a need to investigate whether there are any relationship between such factors as: anxiety state, anxiety feature, the satisfaction with life, styles coping with stress, and personal and environmental factors of the nurse such as: age, material status, education level, place of residence.
The STAI inventory comprises of separate self-report scales for measuring two distinct anxiety concepts: anxiety state (Astate) and anxiety trait (A trait).
In the second half, in sharp contrast to the symptomatic treatments, the authors give a detailed account of a 54-year-old female patient with refractory IBS in a setting of a phobic anxiety state.
Important in terms of effect size differences between the two anxiety directions groups were detected in negative ST reported during competition suggests that for athletes perceiving their anxiety state as debilitative, pre-competition worries were sustained during the event, whereas for negative ST during the competition, which were reported retrospectively.
If there is no real reason for you to feel anxious, you need to go to your doctor and have a blood test done just to make sure that there are no other reasons for you anxiety state.
A Ask your doctor, or the midwife, about this - it's pointless worrying yourself into an anxiety state and not enjoying your pregnancy.
Its report said: "We must express extreme concern with regards to Sarah's general anxiety state which would appear not to be abating and is further compounded by her present non-attendance at school.