anxiety hysteria

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anx·i·e·ty hys·te·ri·a

hysteria characterized by manifest anxiety.
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anx·i·e·ty hy·ste·ria

(ang-zī'ĕ-tē his-ter'ē-ă)
Hysteria characterized by manifest anxiety.
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anxiety hysteria

Hysteria combined with an anxiety neurosis.
See also: hysteria
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Here, the emergence of the anxiety is directly related to the particular representation of the anxiety hysteria. In the emerging anxiety hysteria as it unfolds itself within the case history, Freud is careful to note the distinctly formal aspects of its appearance in the fantasy representations.
The appearance or expression of these elements together symbolize, via the representation of horses falling down, the wish, central to the expression of the oedipus complex grounding Hans' anxiety hysteria, that the father might fall down, that is, be gone, so that Hans might satisfy his desire to be with his mother.
"Falling" [fallen] and "biting" [bei[beta]en]: both verbs, essential to Hans' anxiety hysteria, indicate a "polysemic" representability.(4) More than simple representations of a certain ambivalence, the words themselves, as is frequently the case in Hans' anxiety, take up a determinate position in the symptom formation.