anxiety hysteria

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anx·i·e·ty hys·te·ri·a

hysteria characterized by manifest anxiety.

anx·i·e·ty hy·ste·ria

(ang-zī'ĕ-tē his-ter'ē-ă)
Hysteria characterized by manifest anxiety.

anxiety hysteria

Hysteria combined with an anxiety neurosis.
See also: hysteria
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Falling" [fallen] and "biting" [bei[beta]en]: both verbs, essential to Hans' anxiety hysteria, indicate a "polysemic" representability.
The horse game, the source of much of the material of Hans' fantasy is now directly linked in a causal fashion to the emergence of the anxiety hysteria.
The very possibility that anxiety hysteria functions as it does with Hans and his horse phobia lies already in its linguistic formulation, though this formulation necessarily eludes the formal, semantic connections of the adult, conscious ego.
Accordingly, the fantasy scenarios engendered by the anxiety hysteria gradually develop into a linguistic system that both takes up the anxiety in its mobilization and, hence, also secures a certain independence