anxiety dream

anx·i·e·ty dream

a dream (or nightmare) in which morbid fear and anxiety form an important part.
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She said: "It was like an anxiety dream as everybody was staring at me."
The very embodiment of Freud's theory of the primary processes of the uncon-scious--condensation and displacement--the narrative of Consumed is an endlessly metastasizing, collective anxiety dream that opens out from and collapses in on Celestine's possibly cannibalized body: more specifically, her problematic left breast, around which a bevy of malfunctioning, misshapen, and diseased penises Circulate.
His recurring anxiety dream? He's standing in front of high school students in his psychology class without a stitch of clothing on.
After 20 years of attending every single day, during which time missing a festival race had been only a recurring anxiety dream, the nightmare had come true.
Staged as an anxiety dream, it marks the beginning of Opie's search for a more settled existence.
On the day of the performance, he awoke from the kind of anxiety dream that commonly afflicts performers.
The anxiety first appears with the account of an anxiety dream, which Hans recounts in tears one morning to his mother: "'When I was asleep I thought you were gone and I had no Mummy to coax with.'" The father immediately identifies this as an anxiety dream, adding that this is not the first time that Hans has had such thoughts: "I had already noticed something similar in Gmunden in the summer" (Freud 1909, 23).
The amateur's entry into the lions' den of the professionals turned out to be the ultimate anxiety dream. Stockdale seemed to have fallen through layers of unconsciousness onto a kleig-lit stage.
I have had an anxiety dream where I get to the studio and I can't find it so I have to dig through a forest to get there, or I get there and none of the controls work.
In "An Actor's Nightmare," a man finds himself in a theatrical anxiety dream, having wandered onstage in a play he doesn't know and finding out he is to be the star.
No such problems for the horrible hopefuls again last week though as a different Lorraine, the one who looks like a hastily constructed waxwork of Olive from On The Buses, ran round rousing them from a collective anxiety dream about stuffing crisp 20s inside the thong of a grey-bearded middle-aged man who's doing exotic dances for them.
As disassociated as an anxiety dream and elusive as the horror it references.