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Martin AA, Littlejohn MJ and Rawlinson PA (1966) A key to the Anuran eggs of the Melbourne area, and an addition to the Anuran fauna.
The lack of support for an effect of maximum water depth on anuran reproduction was likely caused by too few sites (21) and too little variability (4 sites with maximum water depth [greater than or equal to] 1 m; all sites had maximum water depth <1.
The marked seasonality in rainfall at Chamela, and the sporadic pattern of rainfall during the rainy season mean that flooding of temporary streams and breeding activity of anuran species depend on the occurrence of heavy rains that would clearly influence the spatial and temporal distribution of aquatic breeding anurans.
Sexual selection leads to secondary sexual characteristics in anuran males such as bright colour, larger limbs, oral tusks and spines, while natural selection reduces competition between sexes through ecological adaptations such as niche segregation, difference in ontogeny and predator-prey interactions (Carothers 1984, Bell & Zamudio 2012).
Sequence of ontogenetic development and atrophy of the oral apparatus of six anuran tadpoles.
Considering natural lighting may affect nocturnal anuran calling behavior (e.
Anuran said Gonzales' next big test may be held on June this year with a foreign opponent.
The CCA scores obtained from the analysis was then used to construct a boxplot which contains information pertaining to the habitat preference and survival envelope or range of tolerance of each anuran species.
The ventral skin, kidney, and urinary bladder are important osmoregulatory organs for adult anuran amphibians.