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Antivenin Toxicology A vehicle that contains an antibody or other substance that binds specifically to a toxin, deactivating it


, antivenene, antivenom (ant″i-ven′ĭn) (ant″ve″nēn′) (ant″ven′ŏm) [ anti- + venin, venom]
A serum that contains antitoxin specific for an animal or insect venom. Antivenin is prepared from the sera of immunized animals.

Patient care

Antivenins are foreign proteins that often induce allergic reactions in patients who receive them. The likelihood of allergic reactions is reduced by prior administration of epinephrine.

black widow spider antivenin

Antitoxic serum obtained from horses immunized against the venom of the black widow spider (Latrodectus mactans) and used specifically to treat bites of the black widow spider. The serum is available from Merck Co., Inc., West Point, PA 19486.

(Crotalidae) polyvalent antivenin

Anti-snakebite serum obtained from serum of horses immunized against venom of four types of pit vipers of the family Crotalidae: Crotalus atrox, C. adamanteus, C. terrificus, and Bothrops atrox .


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The rats were randomly divided into four groups: the control group ( n = 24), the snake venom group ( n = 24), the antivenom group ( n = 24), and the antivenom + HBO group ( n = 24).
For the analysis of the neutralization of these effects, a fixed amount of venom, which varies according to the effect to be studied, was incubated with various dilutions of the antivenom.
Low dose of snake antivenom is as effective as high dose in patients with severe neurotoxic snake envenoming.
In difficult cases, a cat may need intravenous fluids, antibiotics, oxygen and pain medication in addition to antivenom.
The lack of NHA involvement is reflected in poor access to appropriate antivenoms as well as a lack of antivenom regulation.
While these reactions are alarming, such reactions to antivenom are well documented and acknowledged to be a common occurrence, due to the antivenom being prepared from the plasma of horses injected with the venom of the brown snake (MIMS Australia, 2014; Whyte & Buckley, 2012).
Gizmo was lucky to have received veterinary attention and antivenom so quickly.
Clinical and laboratory alterations in horses during immunization with snake venoms for the production of polyvalent (Crotalinae) antivenom.
Such knowledge may in turn provide relevant information for enhancing policies of antivenom production and distribution in the northeast region, as well as boost care given to scorpion envenomation victims.
In our laboratory, we have made consistent efforts to study the immunopotentiation capacity and safety of various adjuvants used in the production of safe and potent antivenom considering the importance of antivenom in victims of envenomation (Waghmare et al.