An antibody that inhibits or prevents the dissolution of fibrin by streptokinase.
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Serological Tests: (ASO, Antistreptokinase, Antihyaluronidase, Anti DNAase B, Anti NDAase) Most of these tests assay for neutralizing antibodies to streptococcal extra cellular enzymes.
After twice washing with PBS-Tween, membranes were incubated for 1.5 hr at room temperature with 1 [micro]g per ml rabbit antistreptokinase in 1% skim milk.
Cross-linking of antistreptokinase to protein-A sepharose 6MB: Twenty mg of purified anti-SK antibody in 10 ml of PBS was mixed with 1 ml of protein A-Sepharose 6MB continuously at 4[degrees]C and washed twice with excess of PBS.
Aside from alteplase, the only other currently available thrombolytic agent studied in catheter clearance is streptokinase and there are continued concerns of allergic reactions and antistreptokinase antibody formation with the use of this agent (Astra Zeneca LP, 1998; Buchalter et al., 1992; Chesser & Mauro, 1994; Elliot et al., 1993; Lee, 1995; Singh & Hart, 1994).