antisialagogue, antisialogogue

an agent that inhibits the flow of saliva.
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Scoring was done for sedation, anxiolysis and antisialogogue effects 90 minutes after premeditation.
Antisialogogue effect was scored by checking drying of mouth with a blotting paper by blotting the tongue and inner aspect of check for 30 seconds each.
Dexmedetomidine does not depress respiratory drive and provides a dry oral field because of its antisialogogue property.
As fibreoptic bronchoscopy requires a clear visual pathway, administration of antisialogogue prior to the start of the procedure is recommended.
If the timing of the intubation can be predicted the antisialogogue can be administered on the ward for a better result.
Diazepam 10mg were administered intra muscularly to produce antisialogogue and anticholinergic effect.
03mg/kg to add the antisialogogue effect of clonidine and also Atropine can act as an effective antidote for bradycardia and hypotension which reported by Mikawa et al with the use of clonidine 5[micro]g/kg (4).
Clonidine decreases salivary secretion by inhibiting Acetylcholine release (Watkins et al 1980) and as we had also taken oral Atropine simultaneously which added to antisialogogue effect (10).
The use of anticholinergics as antisialogogues, alone or in combination with pressure dressings, has been reported in the treatment of parotid gland fistulae.
31 Kuijpers MA, Vissink A, Ren Y, The effect of antisialogogues in dentistry: a systematic review with a focus on bond failure in orthodontics, J Am Dent Assoc.
No premedication as analgesics, sedatives or antisialogogues was given before operation.