antisense strand

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a thread or fiber or a structure resembling one.
antisense strand the strand of a double-stranded nucleic acid that is complementary to the sense strand; in DNA it is the template strand on which the mRNA is synthesized.
sense strand the strand of a double-stranded nucleic acid that encodes the product; in DNA it is the strand that encodes the RNA, having thus the same base sequence except changing T for U in the RNA. See also antisense strand.
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an·ti·cod·ing strand

the strand of duplex DNA that is used as a template for the synthesis of mRNA.
Synonym(s): antisense strand
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non-coding strand

A strand of DNA that is not translated into a protein.
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antisense strand

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The filter for the number of A/U in the 5'-end pentamer of the antisense strand (f-AU).
Two points are gained if the 5'-end antisense strand of a siRNA sequence starts with U.
This differential stability ensures that the antisense strand is incorporated into the RISC complex, reducing the unwanted off-target effect caused by the sense-strand [10,17,19,21,24,27,28,29].
To switch the roles of the two helix partners, researchers splice a promoter into the beginning of the sequence, then flop that piece of DNA so that the sense strand extends backward and the antisense strand extends forward.
([dagger]) Exact mass measurements for the sense and antisense strands of the dsDNA amplicon reported.
Researchers can order primers to investigate the SNP of interest on both the sense and antisense strands as well as explore whether the template DNA is heterozygous or homozygous for a given allele.
In other cases, the bound antisense strands catalyze specific chemical reactions that actively degrade the targeted mRNA.
in Woodlands, Texas, have designed antisense strands of DNA that migrate directly into the cell's nucleus.
Researchers say they have just begun to assess the behavior and safety of so-called second-and third-generation oligos -- antisense strands chemically modified for enhanced stability or therapeutic potential in the body.
We tested both sense and antisense strands as hybridization probes.
Comparison of sense and antisense strands as hybridization probes.
When a sequence variation is present in the heterozygous state, the classical SSCP picture would be of four single-stranded bands, the sense and antisense strands of the "normal" allele, and the altered mobility sense and antisense strands of the "variant" allele.