antireflection coating

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an·ti·re·flec·tion coat·ing

a film of magnesium fluoride spread on a lens to minimize reflections.
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To mark the Infinity launch, Waterside is offering customers a free coating upgrade for a three-month period by providing its new and exclusive Pureview 'no bloom' antireflection coating (which offers transmission up to 99.
Ag nanodiscs on the front side dielectric antireflection coating (ARC) of silicon-based solar cells resulted in an improved light absorption but no efficiency increase, due to parasitic absorption in the nanoparticles and destructive interferences.
The family of larger aperture optics consists of two different birefringent crystals - crystalline quartz and magnesium fluoride (MgF2) - each with a highly efficient broadband antireflection coating, in an air-spaced design.
2] buffer layer to improve adhesion of the frequency-doubled antireflection coating on LBO, Journal of Wuhan University of Technology, Material Science Edition 24: 849-851.
The Quinting movement -- specific to the brand only - is made by superposing several thin-toothed discs of sapphire previously metallised and given an antireflection coating.
Using computer modeling and a variety of advanced chip-manufacturing techniques, researchers have applied an antireflection coating to the front, and a novel combination of multi-layered reflective coatings and a tightly spaced array of lines to the backs of ultrathin silicon films to boost the cells' output by as much as 50 percent.
The existing B-stage epoxy sealing solution from Optics Balzers features a particle-free, "low defect" application of the adhesive onto cover glasses, which traditionally exhibit an antireflection coating of variable spectral width.
This can commonly occur with high index lens materials and as a result, an antireflection coating is always recommended when dispensing a material of index 1.
The lenses are also suitable for driving, and can be supplied with the antireflection coating Solitaire TopCoat.
Narrowband "V"-coat antireflection coating of all elements is included in the list price.
Other important features of driving lenses is the provision of antireflection coating, the possible need for carrying a spare pair (obligatory in some countries).