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Thus, the term "kangaroo court," an insult that refers to the iconic Australian marsupial, is an antipodal invective, at least in the northeastern United States.
Consider a non-crossing connected graph with 2n vertices and k pairs of antipodal edges.
Further, a signed digraph S = (D, [sigma]) is called Smarandachely antipodal signed digraph, if S [congruent to] A (S'), for some signed digraph S'.
There are 18 other strict rules covering antipodal points, East/West co-ordinates, independent adjudication, log books, witnesses, pre-travel engineering checks, and driving times.
The first perspective considered will be: transcendentalism seen as not only not based on Kant's thought, but as antipodal to it.
David Springbett, chairman of stamp firm Stanley Gibbons, rejoined flying partner Brother Michael Bartlett to take the world antipodal circumnavigation record last week.
The book explores his memory in order to understand who he is, since, to survive, he must reconcile such antipodal cultures and experiences.
The NPR stand is antipodal to the advice of several arms-control advocates and former high-ranking military officers and defense officials.
A voice reflecting the antipodal view to consensus feels constrained to enter the lists for the presidential nomination just to advocate that the party should stand for something.
n,k] of centrally symmetric graphs of size 2n and k pairs of antipodal edges (where we count each diameter edge as a pair) that can be obtained by gluing together forests counted by [f*.
McClymont, "The Theory of an Antipodal Southern Continent during the Sixteenth Century", Report of the Fourth Meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, Hobart, January 1892, Hobart, the Association, 1893, pp.
Milhazes's show promises to be the antipodal summer's most colorful presentation outside the city's famed botanical gardens.