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A drug or compound that inhibits or prevents buildup of dental plaque.
See: dental plaque, biofilm
[G. anti- against, + plaque, fr. Middle D. plakke]
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A meta-analysis of six-month studies of antiplaque and antigingivitis agents.
To maintain oral hygiene Chlorhexidine is still recognized as having antiplaque, anti-caries and anti-gingivitis properties.
In contrast, based on an experimental study of 17 people (eight khat chewers and nine non-chewers), Al-Hebshi and Al-Ak'hali [17] showed khat chewing to have antiplaque and antigingivitis properties; similarly, Jorgensen and Kaimenyi [18] found that the oral hygiene status of khat chewers was better than that of non-chewers, and that there was no evidence that khat chewing was detrimental to periodontal health.
Chlorhexidine as an antiplaque and antigingivitis agent remains a gold standard, but in dental caries its effectiveness has been controversial (Twetman 2004).
A synergistic chlorhexidine/chitosan combination for improved antiplaque strategies.
Agents like pyrophosphate, zinc citrate and triclosan are effective as antiplaque agents.
Rinse: twice a day for 30 seconds each time with an antigingivitis / antiplaque rinse to help eliminate additional plaque-causing bacteria.
Triple Ace Antiplaque --PT Parit Padang Corporation PT.
8 million for the manufacture of antiplaque chewing gum, a drug delivery device, in preparation for Food and Drug Administration clinical trials.
The website Skin Deep, a free online safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products published by the non-profit Environmental Working Group, lists Tom's of Maine Natural Antiplaque Tartar Control Plus Whitening Toothpaste--which makes use of all-natural hydrated silica, not hydrogen peroxide, for whitening and stain removal--as one of the safest kinds of whitening toothpastes out there today.