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Referring to any device or maneuver intended to disable, wound, maim, or kill persons, in particular military personnel
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"En 2017, nous avons enregistrUu[c] 17 dUu[c]cUuA s dus aux mines antipersonnel", a-t-elle dUu[c]plorUu[c], estimant que le moment est venu pour que le Maroc adhUuA re Uu lae1/4aoappel de GenUuA ve et procUuA dera Uu la destruction de son stock de mines.
Since the Mine Ban Treaty came into force on March 1, 1999, more than 45 million stockpiled antipersonnel mines have been destroyed, 20 countries have completed mine clearance to become mine-free, and the annual number of casualties from landmines and explosive remnants of war has decreased dramatically.
Since the beginning of the 1990s, demining has been carried out with the assistance of several countries through the Comprehensive Action against Antipersonnel Mines program of the Organization of American States (OAS).
Nearly every nation has endorsed the goal of a global ban on antipersonnel mines.
''Australia is renewing its efforts to address the horrific effects of antipersonnel mines and 'explosive remnants of war' by committing A$75 million for mine action over the next five years,'' Downer told reporters in Vientiane where he is attending the 12th ASEAN Regional Forum.
Matrix consists of three components: a touch-screen laptop, a radio transmitter and a munitions-control assembly that attaches to a Claymore antipersonnel mine.
It would be unfair to deny the interest of a number of individual shows--among my official favorites were Hans van der Meer's double series of soccer matches, "Dutch Fields," 1995-97, and "Football on Stage in Provence," 2004, and Raphael Dallaporta's "Antipersonnel," 2004, chillingly aestheticized photos of landmines from around the world (both in the "Contemporaries" category).
The Antipersonnel Obstacle Breaching System (APOBS) will soon be available for light engineer unit training.
The archbishop concluded by expressing the hope that the first Review Conference of the Antipersonnel Landmine Convention, which will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, in December, will serve to "renew our efforts to promote the universalization and the implementation of the convention in order to realize, in the not-too-distant future, the dream of a world free of antipersonnel mines." (Zenit, Oct.
The winning inventions include a zinc-air battery, lifesaving medical equipment, the first antipersonnel round for the Abrams tank, and camera equipment to inspect caves.
More than 350 different types of antipersonnel mines exist, with 82 countries affected.