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Zhang, Y Shi, Eigenvalues of second-order symmetric equations on time scales with periodic and antiperiodic boundary conditions, Appl.
The latex is bitter and said to have marked antiperiodic action and it is reported to be collected and dried and used as vulnerary.
It is highly bitter in taste, the bitter taste may suppose to contain medicinal properties (Choudhury, 1967) hence being used in various treatments as a cordiotonic, antipyretic, antiperiodic, useful for intestinal worms and leaf juice rubbed over the liver in remittent fever (Kirtikar & Basu, 2000) skin disease (Chopra et al.
Clearly, defining B (x, y) = x + yN we have an existence result for first order antiperiodic problems.
It is used as a bitter tonic, antiperiodic, expectorant, antibilious, astringent, stomachic, antihelminthic, blood purifier and carminative (Kirtikar, & Basu, 1935).
Though exact figures for the Confederacy are not available, it seems that southern soldiers and civilians also suffered greatly from malaria because northern blockades on southern ports sharply curtailed the importation of quinine, the nineteenth century's most effective malarial antiperiodic (44).
Popular medicine in South America uses the macerated exocarp of the avocado's fruit, either macerated or in powder, as a vermifuge, and the leaves and bark as antihelminthic, emmenagogic and antiperiodic, and the liquid extract of the seed as a remedy for neuralgia and rheumatic pains.
7), we can directly extend the above results to antiperiodic solutions (cf (1.