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The antinoise ability of these algorithms has been greatly improved for image segmentation.
Firstly, an improved FCM objective function is constructed including local spatial constraint term and nonlocal constraint term, which can significantly enhance the antinoise performance and the segmentation accuracy.
For example, their antinoise ability is not strong enough, and the execution efficiency of the algorithm is low, and the adaptive ability of related parameters is poor.
In order to quantitatively analyze the antinoise performance of the five algorithms, 8 MR images (the level of Rician noise ranges from 5% to 20%) are selected as the experimental samples.
Using data derived from the harmonics of the engine noise cycle, the processor calculates the acoustical waveform of the exhaust noise and creates an antinoise that is 180 degrees out of phase with the offending sound.
This tells the controller how much to change the parameters that synthesize the antinoise.
Noise in a large enclosed zone is picked up by the microphones, and a digital signal processor produces a 180-degree out-of-phase antinoise that is played through loudspeakers to cancel out an offending sound.
A noise sensor picks up the unwanted sound and a speaker produces the antinoise that cancels it out.
With the increase of noise, our antinoise ability is worse compared to [l.
LMS algorithm shows stable antinoise performance but is inferior to our proposed model with different sparsity K and number of measurements M.
Obviously, OLD method has better antinoise ability than NEW method, but NEW method will give more accurate results with higher timing precision.
3) NEW method has weaker antinoise ability than OLD method.