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Because many mechanisms are involved in pain, it has been suggested that a combination of antinociceptive drugs that utilize different mechanisms of action could be more efficacious by working in a synergistic manner this strategy could also promote pharmacological effects at lower doses of each agent and thus reduces the intensity and incidence of unwanted effects.
These studies have recently been extended to include traditional medicines from other traditional medicinal systems from Bangladesh, as well as other countries, to evaluate antinociceptive and antihyperglycemic potential of various herbal products.
2008), analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, antinociceptive effects (Monsef et al.
Towards an extension of this research, we have recently also started conducting studies on herbal products of other countries, particularly to evaluate their claimed antinociceptive potential.
Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects of the saponin and sapogenins obtained from the stem of Akebia quinata.
As part of that process, the objective of the present study was to evaluate the antinociceptive potential of methanolic extract of Allium sativum leaves in Swiss albino mice in acetic acid-induced gastric pain model experiments.
8) Results of another study (10) stated that butorphanol dosed at 3 mg/kg IM had antinociceptive effects in Hispaniolan Amazon parrots.
Importantly, TQ-1015 retained its antinociceptive potency in the presence of inflammation.
2012a-d), followed by screening of the plants obtained for antihyperglycemic, antinociceptive and cytotoxic activities (Anwar et al.
Study of antinociceptive effect of Thymus vulgaris and Foeniculum vulgare essential oil in mouse; International Journal of Academic Research, 2(6): Part II.