Mixtures of various chemicals (for example, amino acids and peptides) with theoretic support as natural defense acts against various cancers.

antineoplastons (anˈ·tī·nēˈ·ō·plasˑ·tnz), chemicals derived from phenylacetate salts, phenylacetate, glutamine, and isoglutamine; claimed to have anticancer effects.
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His cancer cure, which is legal only in Texas, requires the patient to infuse antineoplastons directly into the groin.
Biopharmaceutical company Burzynski Research Institute (Other OTC:BRI) disclosed on Thursday that it has started patient enrollment under its US FDA-reviewed and IRB-approved, open-label, single-arm phase 2 study of Antineoplastons A10 and AS2-1 in patients > three months of age with a diffuse intrinsic brainstem glioma (DIPG).
Burzynski has claimed for more than 36 years to be able to cure certain hard-to-treat brain tumours with drugs he calls antineoplastons.
While Burzynski has touted his treatments as an alternative to chemotherapy, a 1999 NCI study found that antineoplastons can cause many of the same side effects as conventional chemo: nausea, vomiting, headaches, muscle pain, confusion and seizures.
After decades of trying to shut him down and take away his license, the FDA and National Cancer Institute have finally admitted antineoplastons are the only known cure for brainstem glioblastoma and are effective in other malignancies.
He called them antineoplastons and he prepared four formulations (produced synthetically), which were active against cancer cells.
Having discussed the matter with trusted friends, she became convinced that she might benefit from receiving antineoplastons, a nontoxic, experimental drug discovered more than 30 years ago by medical researcher Stanislans Burzynski.
Alternatif kanser tedavisi ile ilgili bir derlemede bu tur tedavilerin etkilerinin kanitlanamadigini soylemenin yanlis oldugu, aksine alternatif kanser tedavileri ile ilgili yapilan calismalarda (Livingstone-Wheeler, Di Bela Multitherapy, antineoplastons, vitamin C, etc.
But according to Eric Morola's 2010 documentary Burzynski, which compellingly chronicles the doctor's long-running battles with state and federal regulators, the Phase II clinical trials that the FDA approved in 1996 under congressional pressure have supported what the teary testimonials of patients and their families suggested: Although Burzynski's antineoplastons are far from a cure-all, they seem to be more effective, and are certainly much less devastating in their side effects, than radiation and chemotherapy for certain deadly, intractable cancers.
congressional hearings--about how antineoplastons have saved individual patients, many of them children, from almost certain suffering and death.
Topics covered in this book include therapeutic diets, traditional Chinese medicine, mind-body approaches, immunomodulating substances, Burzynski's antineoplastons, Coley's toxins, the Newcastle virus, and Sun's Soup.
It seems possible that the antineoplastons will work against all forms of cancer.