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Nine-year-old Cristiano, from Marsh, has been battling a rare aggressive cancer since January, 2016, and a fundraising campaign is under way for him to have pioneering treatment called Antineoplaston therapy which is said to have previously saved people's lives at the Burzynski Clinic, Houston.
Stanislaw Burzynski's antineoplaston treatment for brain tumor.
Because Refael is in a coma, however, he's unlikely to benefit from antineoplastons, says attorney Antonio Martinez, a lobbyist working with the ANP Coalition, a group advocating for antineoplaston access.
With no assistance available from New Zealand oncologists, the Bessant family turned to the Burzynski Clinic which, for US$150,000 a year, offered to treat little Jesse for two years as part of its antineoplaston "trial".
Amelia, who has a sister, Charlotte, one, spent weeks in Texas having a formula called antineoplaston pumped into her blood with the aim of shrinking the tumour.
6, 2012, the FDA responded with a conclusory denial, reciting that it was aware of no data supporting "the use of antineoplaston therapy as a potentially safe and effective treatment for multiple myeloma.
brochures about antineoplaston treatment distributed by a physician to
In Burzynski: The Movie, director Eric Merola details the eponymous doctor's ongoing struggles to treat his patients with his anticancer drug Antineoplaston A10, which could end the need for chemotherapy and radiation for many forms of cancer.
Stanislaw Burzynski's alternative antineoplaston compound treatments, to which the child seemed to respond very favorably.
On May 27, 2009, The Burzynski Research Institute announced the results of a randomized Phase II clinical study of antineoplaston therapy in metastatic colon cancer following curative resection (surgical removal) of hepatic (liver) metastases.
The child's dad Steve said: "Dr Burzynski has cured many recurrent brain tumours with his technique - known as Antineoplaston Therapy - which targets cancer cells without destroying normal cells.
The brave schoolgirl from Romford, Essex, who has already defied doctors by beating the disease twice, will undergo initial antineoplaston therapy - but more treatment could be needed.