antimony trioxide

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an·ti·mo·ny tri·ox·ide

A compound used in paints and flameproofing; also formerly used as an expectorant and emetic.
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It has been shown that adding the antimony trioxide of 7 wt% results in a slight increase in toxicity, whereas in case of the sample consisting of 14 wt%, toxicity drops reaching the best result from all studied materials.
Wide-angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD) study of the grey residue revealed it to be a mixture of elemental antimony and antimony trioxide.
Oxychem is now the leading producer of antimony trioxide in the U.
Antimony trioxide is used as a catalyst in the manufacture of PET.
TMS-HP is a high purity grade of antimony trioxide with very low levels of lead and arsenic.
Supplies flame retardants such as antimony trioxide, zinc stannate, zinc borate, aluminum and magnesium hydroxide, decabromidiphenyl oxide and other brominated products.
The price increase for antimony trioxide reflects the ongoing tight supply and rapidly escalating costs of raw materials, concurrent with increased energy costs and strong demand for antimony products.
In this research service, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following: brominated flame retardants, chlorinated flame retardants, phosphate flame retardants (halogenated and non-halogenated types), aluminium trihydrate (ATH), antimony trioxide (ATO), and other flame retardants.
com/reports/c40422) has announced the addition of Antimony and Antimony Trioxide - Global Strategic Business Report to their offering.
These materials as well as the company's antimony trioxide products are used in flame retardant polymer formulations that are widely used in electrical and electronics applications.
Skyworks also offers Green(TM) products that conform to the EIA/EICTA/JEITA Joint Industry Guide Level A guidelines and are free from antimony trioxide and brominated flame-retardants.