antimicrobial drugs

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an·ti·mi·cro·bi·al drugs

(antē-mī-krōbē-ăl drŭgz)
Substances that kill or inhibit growth of microscopic pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses.
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For many of the diseases, isolate characterization, including typing and antimicrobial drug susceptibility testing, is done at a central laboratory.
com/yk62vz6), from the London School of Economics and Political Science, outlines possible policy options and incentives to kick start research and development into new antimicrobial drugs and diagnostics.
Antimicrobial drug susceptibility testing was conducted by using the MicroScan Walk-Away System (Dade Behring, West Sacramento, CA, USA).
The FDA recognizes the importance of antimicrobial drugs for addressing the health needs of animals.
First, patients with hematologic malignancies usually receive antimicrobial drugs recommended for the management of fever in immunocompromised patients with cancer but rarely receive empirically administered drugs active against KPC-Kp bloodstream infections.
This finding indicates that the risk for exposure to carbapenemases extends beyond persons with particular travel histories, previous antimicrobial drug use, or hospitalization and into the general public.
Inappropriate use of antimicrobial drugs in Medicaid programs is a potentially serious problem (4,5).
The diagnosis of resistance to antimicrobial drugs has so far relied on culture techniques performed in reference centers; these procedures have a long turnaround-time, are technically demanding, and are sometime dangerous.
Because the patient was improving, IV ceftriaxone was maintained for 18 days, and he was discharged 5 days after the beginning of efficient antimicrobial drug therapy.
Considering those factors, the ongoing use of these antimicrobial drugs in mass therapy and prophylaxis should be urgently examined and stopped, particularly in poultry, not only in Europe, but worldwide.
The veterinary fluoroquinolones enrofloxacin and danofloxacin are VDD Category I antimicrobial drugs labeled for use in companion animals and beef cattle, but they are not labeled for use in poultry.
In addition, these isolates were resistant to multiple classes of antimicrobial drugs, which further complicates treatment options for invasive disease.

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