(ant″ĭ-lī′sĭs) [ anti- + lysis]
Prevention of cell death (lysis).
antilytic (-lit′ik), adjective
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Since ancient time, the decoction filtrates is been used as antidiabetic, diuretic, antilytic and laxative [3].
Samples reactive at 1:40 dilution in the antilytic test were considered positive.
Results demonstrated a clear antilytic cross-seroreactivity in plasma samples from 10 orangutans and 3 gibbons with titers from 1/20 to 1/160, while seroreactivity against the latent nuclear antigen was more rarely detected (7 orangutans and 2 gibbons), mostly with very faint patterns.
The relationship between antilytic and antilatent antibodies was assessed by calculating the proportion of antilatent positive persons by level of antilytic titer.
The proportion of antilatent positivity changed according to the antilytic titer: none of the 16 participants with an antilytic titer of 1:20 had antilatent antibodies, but 2 (20%), 7 (77.7%), and 1 (50%) of those with antilytic titers of 1:80, 1:160, and 1:320, respectively, were also antilatent-positive.