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In the strict sense, a term that means "antigravity" but, as commonly used, an adjectival term that implies protection against the effects of gravity (for example, anti-G suit).
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Since launching AntiGravity Yoga in 2007 in the US through an international fitness chain, Harrison's trademark techniques have been flourishing in gyms and studios in more than 30 countries including in Madonna's Hard Candy Fitness and in Richard Branson's Virgin Active.
AntiGravity Aerial Yoga is said to provide emotional benefits as it's known to relieve stress, spiritually uplifting and provides a new and exciting alternative to exercising.
INFORMATION: ANTIGRAVITY Yoga classes are available to Virgin Active members, with membership starting from PS40 a month.
ANTIGRAVITY Yoga is basically yoga using a specially-designed silk hammock suspended from the ceiling.
Aliens in Ancient Egypt is another fine pick for any collection strong in ancient history, and discusses how stargates, free energy and antigravity technologies were involved in early Egyptian history.
After five weeks she began water running and worked up after seven weeks to an AlterG antigravity treadmill.
He said that his motivation was to find evidence of UFOs, antigravity technology, and the suppression of "free energy", all of which he claims to have proven through his actions.
AntiGravity Yoga is the brainchild of American choreographer Christopher Harrison, co-founder of Cirque du Soleil.
Audiences are awed by the antigravity feats of her fearless group, STREB Extreme Action Company.
Jessup theorized in his book about antigravity and electromagnetism as possible propulsion methods for UFOs.
The Kilmarnock defender made the trip to Core Fitness, based in Hamilton Accies' New Douglas Park, for a session on a space age antigravity treadmill.