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In the strict sense, a term that means "antigravity" but, as commonly used, an adjectival term that implies protection against the effects of gravity (for example, anti-G suit).
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LaViolette has just released a new book discussing antigravity research.
"AntiGravity Yoga has become so popular that there are already similar classes springing up in England," the Daily Mail quoted Christopher as saying.
They found that a boundary exists where the Local Group's gravity gives way to dark energy's "antigravity" effect on larger scales.
Ungravity would be a mixture between gravity and antigravity (for example attracting and rejecting simultaneously or alternatively; or a magnet which changes the + and - poles frequently).
And when Hook, having managed to get sprinkled with some fairy dust himself, goes aloft for the grand finale duel with Peter, traditionalists will just check out; giving Hook antigravity powers removes his opponent's key advantage over him.
Moreover, dark energy would exert a repulsive force--what might be called antigravity. More accurately, dark energy would be the flip side of ordinary gravity because it would possess a strange property called negative pressure.
He asked gymnast Pacho, an Alvin Ailey-trained modern dancer and founder and associate director of AntiGravity, to train the dancers in acrobatic warm-up exercises and stretches to avoid injuries.
Antigravity - the propulsion system of flying saucers - is being taken seriously by Nasa.
This Super Electromagnetic Force attracts or Gravity and repel or Antigravity mass or physical bodies to each or against each other with a force proportional to their masses.