antiglobulin test

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an antibody directed against gamma globulin.
antiglobulin test (AGT) Coombs' test.
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Coombs test

a test for antibodies, the so-called anti-human globulin test using either the direct or indirect Coombs tests.
Synonym(s): antiglobulin test
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an·ti·glob·u·lin test

(an'tē-glob'yū-lin test)
Laboratory assessment to detect red blood cell antibodies in patient serum (indirect) or immunoglobulin bound to the surface of the red blood cell (direct).
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Robin R.A., English veterinarian and immunologist, 1921–.
Coombs serum - serum from a rabbit or other animal previously immunized with purified human globulin to prepare antibodies directed against IgG and complement. Synonym(s): antihuman globulin
Coombs test - a test for antibodies, the so-called antihuman globulin test, using either the direct or indirect Coombs tests. Synonym(s): antiglobulin test
direct Coombs test - a test for detecting sensitized erythrocytes in erythroblastosis fetalis and in cases of acquired immune hemolytic anemia.
Gell and Coombs reaction - see under Gell
indirect Coombs test - a test routinely performed in cross-matching blood or in the investigation of transfusion reaction.
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This study compared the indirect antiglobulin test (IAT) tube method with column agglutination technology (CAT).
One of the key tests in helping to distinguish classes of hemolytic anemia is the direct antiglobulin test (DAT).
The direct antiglobulin test: a critical step in the evaluation of hemolysis.
One 11-year-old boy with chronic disease was finally diagnosed as Evans syndrome, with positive direct antiglobulin test and markers of hemolysis, two years after diagnosis.
Direct antiglobulin tests are usually positive during a paroxysm and negative at other times and it is complement and temperature dependent [1, 4].
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This finding is supported by an elevated total bilirubin (Table 5), a very low haptoglobin level (<0.05 g/L; reference range 0.30-2.70 g/L) and a positive antiglobulin test (Coombs test).
Serum samples were tested for reactivity with artesunate solution or urine metabolites by using the indirect antiglobulin test and a drug-dependent-antibody test with the gel card technique (17-19).
ABBREVIATIONS: UAB = University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital; DAY = direct antiglobulin test.