antigenic competition

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an·ti·gen·ic com·pe·ti·tion

competition that occurs when two different antigens, each of which can evoke an immunologic response when inoculated alone, are mixed and inoculated together; the response may be to only one, that to the other being largely or entirely suppressed.


having the properties of an antigen.

antigenic competition
the immune response to an antigen may be reduced if an unrelated antigen is administered simultaneously or shortly before. These may be between different molecules (intermolecular) or different determinants on the same molecule (intramolecular).
antigenic drift
point mutations in genes resulting in antigenic change. See also orthomyxoviridae.
antigenic mimicry
similarities between sequences found in microbial proteins and host proteins which may result in cross-reacting immune responses and autoimmune disease.
antigenic shift
genetic reassortment between two subtypes of a viral species resulting in a new subtype with completely different antigenicity. See also orthomyxoviridae.