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Kljucne rijeci: Glioblastom--terapija; Antikancerogeni lijekovi; Ljudi; Selen; Selenometionin; Stanicna proliferacija--ucinci lijekova; Stanicna smrt--ucinci lijekova; antigen Ki-67
Immunohistochemical assessment of the nuclear antigen Ki-67 can be useful in the differential diagnosis between adrenocortical adenoma and carcinoma.
Expression of Ki-67 and CD31 was analysed in formalin fixed, paraffin-embedded sections with the method of indirect immunoperoxidase with the use of polyclonal rabbit antibodies to human antigen Ki-67 and CD31 ("Dako", Denmark).
Immunohistochemical evaluation of cell proliferation antigen Ki-67 and apoptosis-related proteins Bcl-2 and caspase-3 in oral granular cell tumor.
Expresion of estramustinebinding protein (EMBP) and the proliferation associated antigen Ki-67 in prostatic carcinomas.
The antibodies were used according to machine vendor's protocol; for the native nuclear proliferation antigen Ki-67, the antibody MIB-1 (dilution 1: 200, Immunotech, Marseille Cedex, France) was used, and for p53, the antibody DO-7 was used (anti-human p53 protein, dilution 1:300, Dako).