1. Antagonistic to the action of folic acid.
See also: folic acid antagonists.
2. Any agent with this effect.
See also: folic acid antagonists.
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So far, a great deal of data concerning the anticancer activity of more than 300 compounds constitute a library for the antifolic analogs [44-57].
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The major commercial application of this enzyme is in the hydrolysis of gallotannin to gallic acid, which is an intermediate required for the synthesis of an antifolic antibacterial drug trimethoprim (Sitting et al., 1988).Tannase is extensively used in the preparation of instant tea, wine, beer, and coffee--flavored soft drinks and also as additive for detannification of food (Lekha et al., 1993).
Cross-resistant and collateral susceptibility to antifolic antimalarial compounds.