Any measure or medication that tends to suppress fibrillary arrhythmias (atrial fibrillation, ventricular fibrillation).
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Experimental studies have demonstrated that vagal stimulation has an antifibrillatory effect and has proven to be beneficial in animal models of heart failure [6, 7].
Although verapamil can have potent antifibrillatory effects in ischemia models [11, 22-25], presumably by decreasing myocardial ischemia, the instantaneous nature of VF in commotio cordis argues against ischemia as a cause of VF.
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In this sense, more recently, experimental studies have demonstrated that vagal stimulation promoted an antifibrillatory effect and reduced mortality rate in animal models of HF [37, 38].
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He said one explanation for the conflicting findings could be that fish oil may have profibrillatory effects in healthy individuals but antifibrillatory effects in subjects with preexisting cardiovascular disease (CVD).