antiembolism hose

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antiembolism (AE) hose

Etymology: Gk, anti + embolos, plug
elasticized stockings worn to prevent the formation of emboli and thrombi, especially in patients who have had surgery or who have been restricted to bed. Return flow of the venous circulation is promoted, preventing venous stasis and dilation of the veins, conditions that predispose individuals to varicosities and thromboembolic disorders. Also called thromboembolic disorder (TED) hose.
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Antiembolism hose

an·ti·em·bo·lism stock·ings

(an'tē-ĕm'bŏ-lizm stok'ingz)
Specially fitted elastic stockings used to compress lower limbs, reduce blood pooling, and promote venous return, thus reducing risk of thrombus formation. Stockings must be correctly fitted and reapplied for optimal effectiveness.
See also: TED hose
Synonym(s): antiembolism hose.