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See positron.
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Also, we can define the strange antimatter as formed by a large number of antiquarks bound together with an antielectron around them.
Anderson had found the positively charged particle that Dirac had predicated--the antielectron.
An atom of unmatter is formed either by (1): electrons, protons, and antineutrons, or by (2): antielectrons, antiprotons, and neutrons.
This concept calls for a machine to collide electrons and positrons, also known as antielectrons, headon at energies similar to that of the LHC.
The experiment captures antiprotons and combines them with antielectrons (positrons) to make antihydrogen atoms, which are stored and studied for a few seconds in a magnetic trap.
The negatively charged antiprotons that Segre discovered in 1955 pair very nicely with antielectrons (i.e.
Positrons (antielectrons) were sensed by Fermi's Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) coming from "terrestrial gamma-ray flashes" that occur above thunderstorms.
Also we can define a mesonic antiatom as an ordinary antiatomic nucleous with one or more of its antielectrons replaced by positively-charged mesons.
The achievement represents an important step toward creating the antimatter counterpart of hydrogen by merging beams of antiprotons and antielectrons, or positrons.