antidumping law

an·ti·dump·ing law

(an'tē-dŭmp'ing law)
Governmental regulation that may vary by jurisdiction, but which, in general, mandates that a hospital or care facility must either provide therapy regardless of ability to pay or transfer the penurious or destitute patient to another facility; such laws generally forbid health care facilities to refuse care to such patients or to "dump" them on another care provider (or city street).
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'Trade remedies, like the antidumping law and countervailing duties and safeguards, are available for the affected steel sector.
He said major local manufacturers only draw texturised yarn which is texturized (semi dull) and they don't manufacture polyester fully drawn yarn but the antidumping duty is also imposed on the FDY which is not locally manufactured and as per the antidumping law it cannot be imposed on the product that is not locally manufactured.
This article concludes that public interest inquiries, which form part of a small number of countries' anti-dumping laws, embrace the constitutive realities at play in antidumping law and provide an opportunity for development of legitimate international antidumping reform.
The question of how the United States should handle cheap imports from NMEs was first addressed under antidumping law. By way of background, U.S.
The Helpdesk also integrates antidumping law, providing information on additional duties that may be temporarily applied according to the findings and decisions of the EU Antidumping Committee.
antidumping law. Revised methods for estimating major components of the dumping calculation, higher thresholds for foreign companies to exceed in order to demonstrate that they are not "dumping," tighter rules governing methods of paying estimated antidumping duties, and other changes have been put forward, ostensibly to give the law more teeth.
In theory, the purpose of an antidumping law is to protect domestic companies from unfair competition by foreign exporters.
trade remedy laws are countervailing duty law, antidumping law, and safeguard law.
McBride has saved me from the task of having to explain the antidumping law, which is obscure, complex, confusing, and to those other than trade lawyers, extremely dull.
(4) Because members are the only countries required to report their filings to the WTO, our dataset may underestimate the number of petitions filed by new WTO members prior to joining, notably Taiwan, which used its antidumping law extensively in that period, between 1995 and 1999.
Wolak (1992) "The Effect of Domestic Antidumping Law in the Presence of Foreign Monopolist", Journal International Economics, No.