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antidiarrheals (an´tēdī´ərē´əlz), drugs that combat diarrhea by decreasing gastrointestinal motility; may cause sedation of the central nervous system and xerostomia.
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One of the first signs of a large waterborne cryptosporidiosis outbreak in Milwaukee in 1993 was newspaper reports that local pharmacies had sold out of antidiarrheal medications (4,5).
Watch especially for decreased frequency of stools when anticholinergics, antidepressants, anti-psychotics, antidiarrheal, diuretics, NSAIDs, iron, calcium, zinc or bismuth salts, salts, colestipol, cholestyramine, Kayexalate or cold and sinus medications are started.
0% Diet meal replacements 303 Shower products 56 Nasal inhalers 55 Diagnostic kits 54 Antidiarrheals 35 Soft contact disinfectants 35 Lice treatments 30 Men's hair color 30 Wart removers 29 Women's fragrances 26 External analgesics 26 Hair styling fix/spritz/sprays .
According to the IMS, the market for antidiarrheals in Spain is estimated to be approximately $9.
While retailers often devote between 12 and 16 linear feet to the category, stocking a vast array of national brand laxatives, antacids and antidiarrheals, they have carved out a lucrative business in the private label side of the market.
1% Diet meal replacements 291 Thickening shampoos 168 Fiber supplements 96 Hair styling fix/spritz/spray 66 Men's hair color 46 Soft contacts disinfectants 45 Wart removers 41 Antidiarrheals 33 Shower products 31 Gas permeable contact lens preps 31 Lice treatments 28 Deep hair conditioners 24 Fever thermometers 22 Moistre shampoos 20 First aid antibiotics 49 Hair styling gels 19 Liquid bath oils 19 Sunscreens 19 Sinus analgesics 19 Ibuprofens 18 Disposable towelettes 18 First aid kits 17 Desensitizing dentifrices 16 External analgesics 16 Nail polishes 16
Antidiarrheals advanced 32%, its ninth quarter of double-digit growth.
Other leading gainers in the medications/ health care department include ear medications, up 39%, antidiarrheals and lice treatments, both up 36 %.
Sales of proprietary drugs, which run the gamut from analgesics to antidiarrheals, totaled $11.
In the top five prescription to O-T-C categories for the 12 months ended March 1994 (analgesics, cold remedies, feminine yeast infection treatments, antidiarrheals and hydrocortisone products) drug chains control over half of overall sales when compared with food stores in four of them.
The Food and Drug Administration made such information mandatory for antacids, laxatives and antidiarrheals.
And at Perry new private label versions of antidiarrheals and hydrocortisones are especially strong-sellers.